About Us

We all began our journey to Redmond from different corners of the world. Our professional careers intersected at Microsoft about five years ago. We had lot of fun as part of a small team building and shipping products. In this process we realized that we all shared a passion for building and delivering customer value. We embarked about an year ago with an idea that the confluence of mobile devices and web services had the potential to transform businesses.

As we talked to customers we realized that the biggest problem that most businesses have is in gathering high quality operational data. cuecard is our attempt to address this pain point for enterprises. We view this as the beginning of the journey towards a data driven enterprise for most businesses.

Ping Wang

Ping is one of the founders of Pansieve Inc., She worked at Microsoft in the Server and Tool Business division for 11 years. At Microsoft she worked on transaction management for SQL server and query language services and storage engine for the StreamInsight event processing platform. She led the customer engagement team composed of developers along with researchers in MSR to understand the requirements for a data analytics service for business users. She pioneered the use of a number of advanced pattern detection techniques for streams in conjunction with researchers in MSR in the Microsoft data analytics products and services.

Before joining Microsoft, Ping worked at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China for 5 years teaching undergraduate students computer programming and database systems. She enjoys hiking and skiing.


Tomer Verona

Prior to founding Pansieve Inc., Tomer Verona spent 14 years at Microsoft where he focused on building enterprise-class software. He has extensive experience in managing the development of software products and services along with the development of data platform solutions. In Microsoft he lead the development team for Microsoft StreamInsight, a complex event-processing platform, since the product's inception. Before that, he worked on the query execution engine for SQL server and an embedded database for Windows devices, as well as on Microsoft Office Sharepoint Portal Server.

Tomer was born in Israel, grew up in San Diego, and attended U.C. Berkeley where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He lives in Redmond with his wife, a baby boy and two dogs. A true geek at heart, Tomer got his start with computers at the tender age of 8, in the pre-internet era, when his father brought home an IBM XT personal computer, and he has never looked back since.

Galex Yen

Before founding Pansieve Inc., Galex worked at Microsoft as a Senior Developer. He was part of the Microsoft Business Platforms division. He worked on the Microsoft event processing platform - StreamInsight team for three years optimizing the execution of streaming queries. Before that he spent five years working on various aspects of SQL compilation and execution in Microsoft SQL server product. Before joining Microsoft, he designed software systems for the Medical Diagnostics division at Abbott Laboratories delivering two releases of the ARCHITECT family of medical devices.

Galex holds a bachelor's from the University of Wisconsin Madison in Computer Science. While studying there, he worked at the Laboratory for Molecular and Computational Genomics building distributed systems for processing in silico genomic models.


Sethu Raman

Sethu embarked on a new venture founding Pansieve Inc, last year with Tomer, Ping and Galex. Prior to that he was a Distinguished Engineer in Microsoft Business Platforms Division. His Microsoft career was split between two divisions - Windows and Business Platform. In the Windows division he was part of the Windows Kernel team till Windows XP. He was responsible for the design and development of the distributed file system, the file server product, client side caching along with various data storage services. While working on file systems he pioneered the development of technologies for storing streams in a database. In order to build better services to leverage the disk technologies he moved to the SQL server group. In the SQL server group he led the "Beyond Relational" effort to develop a host of product features to build document management, multi media and other non-conventional database applications.

In order to keep up with the volumes of data being generated in a business enterprise he foresaw the need for a number of features to continously process the data. He collaborated with researchers in MSR to develop the technologies that led to the formation of a product unit for the event processing and analytics in the Microsoft Data Platform. He led the group from inception to ship two versions of the product. During this period he built a number of partnerships with internal and external customers to build analytics solutions.

During his spare time he pursues a variety of activities ranging from running, biking, hiking and cooking. He is always working on honing his skills in some field - currently it is the tabla - an Indian percussion instrument.