Mobile first business process solutions

Optimize your mobile workforce

Design and deploy digital forms for your business in minutes


Easily create Custom Forms

CueCard lets you design mobile business forms tailored to your business. The mobile experience is in your control.


Mobilize your workforce

You don't have to create your own mobile application. Our cuecard mobile app will take your custom forms and deploy them to your workforce with a push of a button.


Your data in one place

Integrate with your existing backends and instantly see information collected by your workforce.

Drag and drop your way to paperless forms

Your business is unique and so are your forms

Designing your custom mobile forms is as easy as 1-2-3 because you can do it right in the browser.

And, with backend integration, you can even pull in custom lists pre-filled with data from your existing Line of Business applications.

Integrate with your existing business processes

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